Optivolt Domestic Voltage Optimisers

With the escalating cost of electricity, how would you like to save up to 20% on your electricity bill now and for many years to come.

With an OptiVolt voltage optimiser from GSE Renewables Group Ltd, you could be saving money immediately.

How does it work?

Opti Volt 60 + 100-cr-500x500You may know that most of the electrical equipment in your home or office is designed to run at 220 volts, but did you know that your energy supplier will be providing power to your premises at up to and sometimes over 250 volts, (to comply with European Legislation, electricity can enter a home with a broad band of 216v-253v), you pay for any excess voltage. The power company charges you based on the voltage it delivers, and this is power you do not require. Furthermore this extra voltage puts extra stress on a lot of your electrical equipment, which can lead to a shorter life.

So how does OptiVolt help?

Very simply it regulates the voltage supplied to the premises and ensures that a more reasonable voltage is applied at all times, saving energy and your money, it can also prolong the life span of the electrical equipment, as excess energy can cause equipment to overheat.


  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 20%
  • Reduces your carbon footprint by up to 20%
  • Controls the voltage to your home
  • Prolongs the life span of your electrical goods
  • Protects sensitive electronic devices
  • Immediate saving after 30 minute installation
  • Installation without the need for major changes to your home
  • Saving without behavioral changes
  • Improves power quality
  • Compact design
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


NuVision Opti 60 +100 Logo-cr-500x500Installation is simple and should be carried out by a qualified electrician and competent person. Installation should take between 30 minutes – 1 hour and it is installed between the meter and the consumer unit for maximum savings. Mains power may need to be switched off for a short period.


OptiVolt regulates the voltage supplied to the home and ensures a more reasonable voltage is applied at all times which saves energy and prolongs the life span of the electrical equipment.


The voltage supplied to the property from the OptiVolt 60 or 100 can be adjusted on installation, allowing the the optimiser to give the best performance in terms of savings and voltage stability.


Once installed the OptiVolt is optimised and waste electricity is reduced, the average home will save 10-20% on energy use and electrical appliances will last much longer. Ask your installer to check the incoming voltage to confirm the potential savings.

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