PV+ Grid Voltage Monitor

The PV+ works solely for your solar panels, it suppresses the incoming voltage from 257v to 220v this means you are able to save 37 volts every time you use an electrical appliance, and this would increase your generation (i.e FIT) by approximately 25% therefore increasing your income by around the same figure. All electrical appliances DO NOT require 257v or 240v to operate in the UK, this is where the energy providers make extra money from us as consumers.

The unit is a single phase Grid Voltage Monitor designed to work with domestic PV installations. The unit monitors the incoming supply voltage and maintains PV inverter output until the grid voltage reaches or exceeds 253v. It is designed to be connected in series with the PV Inverter, installed between the inverter and the consumer unit. Rated at 16A, the unit is suitable for PV installations up to 3.68kW.


The unit is designed to be installed between the PV inverter and the consumer unit or garage board. The cable from the PV+ unit to the consumer unit should no more than 1m in length. The installation location should be clean, dry and well ventilated.


Electrical Connections

The unit is designed to be a direct connection replacement for the PV Inverter AC isolator at the consumer unit.

The user wiring connections are indicated in the diagram below.

Connect the incoming (live) cable from the consumer unit to the isolator, L-In & N-In.

Connect the outgoing (PV) cable to the inverter to the L-Out & N-Out terminals.

On completion of installation the tightness of all electrical connections should be checked before energising the unit.

Once energised the unit will monitor the incoming voltage for 5 minutes to establish it is stable and below the operational threshold of 253V. At the end of this period the internal relay will energise and connect the PV Inverter to the incoming supply.

In the event the PV+ detects a supply voltage greater than 253V the internal relay will de-energise and disconnect the PV inverter from the supply. The relay will remain de-energised until the PV+ detects the supply voltage has dropped below the threshold voltage and remained there for 5 minutes.



Description PV+ Grid Voltage Monitor

Input (Volts) Nominal input voltage 230v, 50Hz, Single Phase AC

Max Load 3.68kW

Dimensions 254mm x 165mm x 82 (110)mm

Weight Approximately 3.0 kg

Operating Temperature -5°C to +40°C

Terminal Capacity

Incoming Live = 35.0mm 2

Outgoing Live = 6.0mm 2

Incoming Neutral = 35.0mm 2

Outgoing Neutral = 6.0mm 2

Enclosure Mild Steel Powder Coated

Ingress Protection IP20

Cable Entry Facility Bottom – 2 x 20mm Diameter

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