The Clean Treat Protect Pigeon Proofing System

Debris from dust, soot and pollen can reduce the output of photovoltaic systems and solar thermal energy modules by up to 20%. A dirty solar panel can even reduce its power capabilities by up to 30% in high dust/pollen or desert areas. The natural power of rain, condensation and wind are nowhere near strong enough to clean the modules effectively.

Cleaning dirty panels with commercial detergents can be timeconsuming, costly, hazardous to the environment, or even corrode the solar panel frame. Ideally solar panels should be cleaned every few weeks to maintain peak efficiency, which is especially hard to do for large solar-panel arrays.

To solve this problem, a self-cleaning nano-hydrophobic material that coats the solar panel to maintain peak efficiency over longer periods of time is the best solution.

Our recommendation…

A nano coating with hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties for photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal panels. The coating’s selfcleaning glass effect stops dust and bird faeces from sticking to PV panels, keeping them clean, maintaining their efficiency, ensuring the maximum amount of electricity is produced. The hydrophobic properties repel water more quickly than uncoated “self-cleaning glass” as found on typical PV panels. This makes cells treated with the Solar Panel Coating more efficient during inclement weather.

Our Solution…

  • A nano coating for Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal panels with self-cleaning glass and hydrophobic properties
  • An invisible coating which prevents dirt, algae and bird fouling from adhering to glass
  • Anti-wetting and self-cleaning glass properties improve PV efficiency in inclement weather
  • Drastically reduced cleaning frequencies
  • Clear, colourless liquid
  • Frost resistant
  • Contains alcohol for a durable Solar Panel Coatings
  • Can be applied from -25 °C to +80 °C
  • Lasts up to 5 years – self-cleaning glass effect keeps PV clean longer, maintaining efficiency and greatly reducing the need for expensive cleaning
  • Improves PV efficiency in inclement weather leading to more electricity being produced.
  • Repels the water more quickly than non-coated hydrophilic surfaces such as the “self-cleaning” glass installed with typical PV panels
  • Is resistant to salty air
  • Reduces the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria
  • Prevents bird fouling and tree sap from sticking to the surface
  • Dust and dirt are washed away with rainwater
  • Can be applied in sunlight
  • Reduces cleaning frequency saving energy, time and cost

Our Solar PV Cleaner provides a non-stick, invisible performance coating using advanced silane coupling agents and the purest silicate particles to provide a long lasting durable layer of protection. PV cells’ glass surfaces will no longer need regular cleaning, water and debris will no longer stick on the surface.

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